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Give me happy thoughts please!



I know this is not a real problem to most of you. I am afraid you'll believe that I have not got real problems and that I probably don't deserve such attention to an aspect like this, but that's something that stresses me out and hoping for a big encouragement to be honest. Just for a while, a couple of days... I have to finish my thesis on Friday, so I have to work for 7 pages a day and some work occured for Thursday out of home for several hours, so don't afford to lose more hours from writing. It may be rediculous to you, but for me 7 pages means lot more of hours of work :(

Today I finally worked in my thesis. Not much things, though I worked for more hours than the number of pages I finished. Even so, I am perfectly happy and satisfied with myself. Well, not excactly with the amount of work done, but I feel ok that I worked on it.

Now tomorrow I have planned to work for 12 hours if needed. Whatever, as long as I finish at least 7 pages. I am motivated now, I know I can do it, just hoping, if you read it, to support me with positive words and encourage me or anything you can!!! I know it will make a huge difference. I want to feel that I am doing something, some progress. I don't want to be alone, in case I stress out hearing my own thoughts, feel it's useless and give up! I'd be thankful, even though I take your time for a matter that is not so urgent and serious like sb who feels sad. It won't be for long, just till Friday if I manage to finish. I just could use a little "celebration" in my blog, just feeling that I have the success in my pocket, that I am making a progress everyday and celebrate it.

Thanx :cool:


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Hey Auto,

Im sure that your papers will be perfectly written when you have finished them, and all the hard work will pay off with a good grade :D

Gosh 12 hours of writing tomorrow :eek:

make sure you eat laods of chocolate to keep your energy levels up. :)

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hey auto, good job working on your thesis today!

You are putting alot of effort into this, I am sure you will finish it and that it will be done well.

Of course you deserve our attention for whatever you need. I know you have bee working so hard on this and that it's always on your mind. You will feel so good when it's done!

And yup, we can definitely celebrate in your blog. :)

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:):D Thank you both :D

Thank you star for feeling that I deserve your attention.

Sue these are really nice chocolates. It's like a bracelet of chocolates. Thanx.

I just had 2 ice creams and who knows what I am going to eat till I finish! I am going to become a fat fat girl :)

Oh if anyone going to do a thesis, I have a good advice: apart from chocolate, relaxing music helps while working :D

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Oh don't worry malign, I just had half my tooth broken, went straight to the dentist and lost some working hours, so now I am going to work more urgently cause he told me since I finish it (next week) I have to give him a call so he can pull the other half out :/. So since then I have to work and make my diet at the same time. Well I am not in pain, and he didn't say I can't eat, just I have not to bite from the left side -haha! I don't know how come I take it so easily, I am always terrified of dentists. Maybe I want to finish with both thesis and teeth problems. Maybe it's my way not to freak out with my bad luck. Smiling :D

Anyway your good energy made it work... 19 pages to go :) I am writing just like I have everything ready in my mind. A friend told me I made all this fuss for nothing as the way I express my self in the thesis makes it seem so natural and easy :D

Proud of me? :)

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