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I feel trapped in my own body


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Hello, Girl, welcome!

How are you feeling now? Is it better?

I'm sorry you felt so bad... Was it for the 1st time? Do you think it might be related to the med you take (is that why you mentioned that you take something (what is it, if I may ask?)?)?

Is there something more you feel like sharing about you? How long have you been suffering from anxiety? Has it changed over years / months? Do you have the possibility to see a psychologist / be in psychotherapy?

Take care and godod luck!

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hi and no not the first time this is sometimes a weekly occurrence I do my best to smile every day possible but sometimes I just cant the medicine is Effexor and yes sometimes I do feel worse on it then off it. I am 19 years old I know I sound young to be going through so much ive been suffering from anxiety since I was 5 ive gone through hell with a bad leg ive been through multiple tests and most of the time I just have to sit down and cry or whimper or grip someones hand because it hurts so bad. my anxiety changes with my age it becomes worse and worse and just I become more of a danger to myself then anything else on these days and yes I may have those oppurtunities just feel as thought I am actually going insane...

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Hi jag10,

i'm so sorry to read how hard it is for you.

We want things to be better for you.

Have you considered a part-time job?

If you only work part-time, you'll have days off so you can rest and pull yourself together emotionally.

And if you are in a job for a few days a week, you will get accustomed to being in a workplace.

Maybe then you won't be so afraid, because you will get used to it.

It's OK if you start small and make mistakes, jag10.

You're just starting out, and it's OK if you don't move into your career fast.

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