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Feature request: undo


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I'm glad you like the new site, mts. Unfortunately, I think it may be impossible to make some desired changes. Sometimes I can find things to adjust in the admin panel, though. I will take a look, but I don't think there is an undo option. Maybe with the next update? One thing I have noticed...if I start to type a response from my cell and then I don't end up posting for some reason, my words will pop back up the next time I go to that page again. I've had this happen even weeks later. It doesn't seem to work that way from a desktop or laptop, though. That is one advantage to using my cellphone for the site, although I don't like the lack of a "full site" option. Hopefully new updates will improve things, though I suspect with improvements will also come different glitches. I guess we have to take the good with the bad sometimes. Thank you for the suggestion. We're glad you're here and a member of our community, mts. :-)

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It is possible to undo if you right click (or CTRL-Z) in the message box. Usually I think I can "redo" by pressing CTRL-Y but it's not working in this thread for some reason. It's working in another thread.

You can only redo from the beginning of what you currently wrote in the box plus what was lastly written the previous time you were in the box and thread (I think). I think the thread should really be "feature request: redo", that is, to have a "total history" of everything you've ever written in your last post for that thread.

I hadn't considered what a complicated feature request that might be, though.

I like a lot of new things in the site. I much prefer the new message box to the old one, which felt really clunky and slow. I really like that the new blogs are all in the same place. I like that there is more anonymity here than before.

Thank you for saying that, Irma.

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Thank you, mts. I was unaware that could be done with undo and redo. I still have a lot to learn about computers. :wacko: My son works in IT and I don't often understand much of what he talks about when he discusses work stuff. :o

The original site mentalhelp.net used to have a post edit list that only moderators could view. It was helpful during conflicts, but the new software doesn't have this feature. I'm glad there are things you do like about the new software, though. I think I'm mostly used to our new page now myself.

Take care, mts.

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