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I've moved back. I'm back to work in construction, which I've realized that construction, though not fulfilling in many ways, makes me happy for now. I make a fairly good living, nothing to write home to mother about, but I make enough to get by. My life is back where it started before my last relationship. However, I am further. My philosophies have grown, my sense of responsibility and duty have matured. I am ready to make steps in my life, commitments that I was not ready to make before.

I'm looking at houses to mortgage, I'm working on my writing and creating, I'm back in school, working to become a clinical psychologist. I am seeing two therapists, one is a Psychiatrist, the other a Psychologist. And I am on medication: Abilify. I'm enjoying the company of my good friends, and trying to make new ones. I'm realizing slowly that is where I'm the happiest, around the people I love. I think my cycle of misery is ending. I think that my life is beginning.

You see I have realized that life is like a boxing match. You spend it struggling against a force that's stronger than you. If you're smart and quick on your feet, you can avoid a lot of hits (like getting in debt, getting arrested.) But you ARE going to get hit. BAM - Your girlfriend, source of happiness, leaves you broken and shattered. BAM - You and your friends get fired from your job because the company buckled down. BAM - Your new wife finds out that there's a one and million shot of having kids.

So what do you do? Why you roll with the punches. And moreover, punch life back. BAM - Be happy anyway, with out her. BAM - Start your own company, and give your friends jobs. BAM - Have a kid anyway.

All of these are real instances I have seen or experienced.

My life has been turned upside down. But the upside is what I'm concentrating on. And the down is something I'm living with. After all, I can either fix it, live with it, or whine about it. And whining about it does nothing for anybody.

I am back in the same place. The same scenery that I knew before. But a new life that I will come to know.

- Anonymous.

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