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Internet bullying.

Actor Pedro

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Peter,

Welcome to our community. I hope you will make lots of friends here and get lots of support. ;)

Why don't you change your user name and why don't you stop going to those web sites?

Can you tell us more about Laura and why it's so difficult for you to move on with your life now that she has left? Also, can you fill us in a bit about your life and issues?


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When i was younger i too was bullied. But the internet wasn't in the equation. It was other kids on the street or at school. Till one day i just snapped. I got so angry i ended up in a fight so many times. But after so many fights I startedto gain respect of other kids. I was always the new kid at the school because my parents moveed around so much. Till I finally graduated high school. I then joined in the United States Army and you want to talk about building up the courage to standing up for what you know is right. You build up courage fast and you have no fear of being able to open your mouth and say what you need. I still get in yelling matches with people about stuff i over hear. If you find some of my other scripts yes i have a problem with anger issuses because anger is how i deal with things. Or you could say I am very passionate about my beliefes. IM NOT SAYING FIGHT EVERYONE. You just need to make a stand. Keep calling the Police if they don't want to do anything about it then it's time to LAWYER UP get a report from the Police, and sew them for slander, internet bullying, and trying to impersonate you. Have them forced to never be able to touch a computer again in there life and for them to pay for your lawyer. I think you would have such a solid case. There is alot on TV that judges are cracking down on internet bullying. If you have to call the FBI and see if ther is something they might do about it because they can go nation wide. But until then the best way to get people to stop, my favorite line is "AAWWW you have to make fun of someone else just to make your self feel better, you know they have clinics for that." That usually leaves them speach less.

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Actor Pedro,

I think something you are forgetting. How can these people be so much better than you, if they have so much free time to develop websites etc devoted to hating you?

I think many forget, it takes a very sad, lonely life to find the time to do such things, and many out in the internet know that. If you think they are looked upon favorably for these types of actions, let me be the first to tell you, they are not. In fact, they have posted a warning to everyone about them.. "Stay away from me, or I will cyber stalk you next".

As long as you are happy with who you are, isnt that all that really matters in the end?

As for contacting someone to get this stopped, you could try the web hosting companies. But, good luck. Most hosting companies will not remove these sites without a court order. The internet is good, but can be a very vicious place.

All the best to you :)

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Hi Actor Pedro,

I am sorry you are having this happen to you! Any type of bulling sucks !! Can you change your usernames? Or just stay off those game sights all together? I am assuming you enjoy playing video games, and have either an Exbox live or PS3 . It should never be allowed to bully in these game communities. The bulling is childish and immature for them to do that to you, and then continue to tarnish your reputation. I would try and began over if you can. Start out clean, create a different idenity, and DO NOT let anyone know that it is you .

My son is on the autistic spectrum, he has a very hard time with social skills, and is very sensitive about people harrassing him . I have seen that their are some people who are very cruel , and just love to make others miserable, internet included . It is best to do what you can to maintain your personal privacy , and idenity as private while on these type of fourms. This may help you at least be able to enjoy video gaming again.

As for your friend Laura. If you don't have her last name, or she is not an adult , I really think it will be very difficult finding her. I know it is painful to lose a friend. I hope that someday you will be able to get in touch with her again.


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Hi Actor Pedro,

Welcome to the community--- it looks like you’ve already been welcomed by several other folks. I don’t want to assume anything here, so I want to apologize up front if my questions seem insensitive.

As you probably already know, for unexplained reasons, people in the spectrum frequently insist on certain rituals and consistency in their world. Many insist on eating the same foods, at the same time, sitting at precisely the same place at the table every day. They may get furious if a picture is tilted on the wall, or wildly upset if their toothbrush has been moved even slightly. A minor change in their routine, like taking a different route to school, may be tremendously upsetting. These are the more severe situations. With the PDD-NOS diagnosis, I was wondering what role this might play. For example, many on the Autism spectrum have fixations, especially on specific internet sites or games, and will play for hours and hours w/o stopping. Is this the case here?

If so, asking you to simply stop is much harder than it sounds. It may also be that you’re a victim of bullying b/c you struggle with social interaction (even over the internet), which provokes it on the part of others. How good are you at seeing your social interactions and how they impact others?

Have you ever been involved in social skills training and if so, is there anything in it that you could use to see how you’re doing? I’m looking for signs that you may be struggling with what is called social reciprocal interaction, i.e., verbal and non-verbal communication, and this is what others are picking up when you’re communicating on these sites. If you are, then there is no safe haven, no matter what sites you join for game playing until you make necessary changes in how you interact (whether in person or via the internet). For this, you may need to talk with someone who specializes in this area (Autism specialist) so that you can develop additional skills that will decrease some of the bullying.

Hopefully this helps. Good Luck

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Hello Actor Pedro,

I'm so sorry to learn this.....I have a feeling that these kind of hassle is common in web forum, I joined one forum before I came here and there are several mean members also picking on me. So I left those forums, although they also gave me quite paranoia toward joining forums up to now.

My guess is that most people who come across those webpages also don't care. they will forget by the next day what they read about you.

Although I'm also appalled at the information they manage to gain....I don't understand how come they can get your name and such a rich detail about your real world life. That's scary and attacking your privacy. Maybe you should contact the web service provider and make them terminate that web. I think these bullies have a thrill from you responding to them.

Maybe you should detach yourself from your web identity for a while? You can become anonymous person- that's the safest way for now. They will get bored if you stop responding and they will move to the next target.

Take care.

-Autumn Rain.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Actor Pedro,

You are a drama student and, therefore, I want to ask you why you spend your time on the Internet and in these forums? Our forum is different in that this is mental health and that is real and legit. However, why go to these other forums instead of being out in the real world? Why subject yourself to the things you are describing?

Do you have friends and a social life?

Can you tell us more about your self?


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