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Hello people. It has been awhile since I posted, and I feel I must vent here. It is better to post here, as opposed to an open discussion in real life, for doing so in real life would only put me in precarious,losing position.  Because I am a man.

 I feel there are powers at be, whose sole purpose is to devise ways in which to divide us, to distract us from what is important, to push us out of their way, and ultimately take advantage of us. This gives them power, and money.

I don't pretend to be unbiased in my views of feminism, or to know what it is like to walk this world as women. But I do know this: if you are creating more conflict than you are amending, its is time to step back and re-evaluate your position.

I strongly believe that, you cannot fight the system, by being in the system.

You cannot fight misogyny by being a misandrist.

I think that it is hypocritical  to complain about 'mansplaining', and that one does not fight sexism, by created a sexist word.

These things only work to fuel more hate and divide us in ways we've never been divided before, which is exactly where they want us. Worse, it is yet another distraction, from the true cause.

Although I have tried to ignore it, being constantly in my face, I have acquired a lot of angst against the so called 'feminists', but I am afraid of letting any of it out, even here, for I will risk being automatically outed in a slur of emotionally-driven words for being a man. I am not sure that I deserve this feeling. There must be others feeling it too. 

I feel it building inside me. everyday.
















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