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Are you suicidal? A new med is coming relatively soon!


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A drug that's been used for a long time for another purpose can treat also some cases of AD-resistant depression and shows a strong anti-suicidal effect!



Dr. Pierre Blier is leading research at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre using low doses of ketamine to treat patients with severe and treatment-resistant depression, and in particular, patients who have thoughts of suicide.  

In fact, pharmaceutical companies are conducting  multi-centre clinical trials on ketamine, and researchers are optimistic that an intra-nasal version may be on the market as soon as 2019. 


PB: We've seen the rapid antidepressant effect in treatment-resistant patients [...]. But what is striking is that we also saw a very important effect in decreasing or completely making the suicidal ideation disappear. And what we unveiled in our research is that the anti-suicide ideation effect is independent of the antidepressant effect.

So in other words, the 40 percent who don't respond overall to ketamine still see their suicide ideation being abolished.

BM: Is this instant?  

PB: It may be immediate in some patients. It actually often occur after 24 hours in some people, and people like Maureen she said three injections. So that was in the first five days.

Just think of it: A drug can make you stop to want to kill yourself, without making you "just ignore reality" (as alcohol etc.). Can you now see your suicidal ideation more as a symptom of your brain's illness than as something worth obeying, following? I hope at least some of you can...

Hang on, don't hurt yourself; it can be cured. Perhaps not by a med, or not only by a med, but treatments and supports are available even now. And science keeps making progress...

Take care, everybody!


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