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need advice from men and women I have a micro penis.


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Hi I have a micro pens and I have anxiety about it. Its not that i don't like my penis I do .Just it isn't the most normal penis ever. Are their girls out their who could give me advice on  dating in my situation and how to pleasure and make the best of my penis and my abilities to fully pleasure a women?  I want to know if their are any other people who have a micro penis or anyone who can give me advice on how to approach a situation like this. and if so do they have advice for dating girls and approaching sex. I'm confident in my abilities just nervous I.e I'm virgin. Idk haha it fluctuates. I'm 17 and I want to have sex but I literally have to hold my penis  to keep it straight out or else it will just go against my stomach it's 2 and a half inches erect .  Is 2 and half inches long enough to pleasure a women ? Idk I just need advice on how to approach sex. I want to be able to have amazing sex and really pressure a girl fully. I have been researching how to be good at  cunnilingus and fingering and massaging and pleasuring women sexually as best as I can. Can I do it and keep a girl I love even if I have a small penis?  I want to have a long lasting genuine relationship with a girl one day. I just need advice!! Thank you all! 

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Hello Tom,

Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure how you measured (bone pressed at the top with a ruler is the proper way). I'm 3.5" bone pressed and about 2.5" non-bone pressed so I may be larger than you but not by much. 

I say all of this to tell you that it is possible to have a fulfilling sex life with a small penis. A lot depends on the woman and what she enjoys. I have dated at least one woman who I was able to bring to orgasm through penetration but most required "extra effort" on my part through oral, toys, and such.

The key to good sex when you have a small penis, at least for me, is to make it all about the woman. I am married and my wife needs me to use toys and oral for her to have an orgasm. I've learned over the years what she likes and have continued to improve my skills. She now has multiple orgasms and is "satisfied" before I even penetrate.

like I said, make it all about her and she will appreciate and you can enjoy it as well.



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Hi @tom thanks for posting. You seem to have a healthy attitude about it and that is priceless. Society beats us down about this, though if my non-native english speaker detection is working correctly, perhaps you're from a different society? I think most here are from USA or UK.

There are women out there who will literally run when they see your dick. And there are ones who don't care. My advice to you is to tell a girl as soon as you can tell she's interested in you. The reveal is always humbling, but it doesn't have to be humiliating. 

And once the clothes are off, follow @lostboy1's advice. Be all about her pleasure. There are tons of articles and blogs you can find online by women saying the best lovers they've had were small but compensated by doing anything and everything to pleasure her. I'd like to think i fall in that category for my wife and my past lovers. More than a few have told me so. Hopefully they weren't all lying. 😀

One thing i have enjoyed is dick on clit rubbing. Then i can make her cum with my dick, without having to be any bigger than i am. Big confidence boost.

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I just bought a new vibrator, never hurts to tap out and let something mechanical take over while I catch my breath and shake off a stroke whilst cramping up like a statue. I look like Michelangelo's David, if David had eaten his weight in cheese every day for 5 years straight before Micky ever hit marble with chisel. 

"David was always in the marble, I just had to coax the fat bastard out with doughnuts and cold pizza" - Michelangelo

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