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Any idea why my bone pressed size keeps changing?

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Like, my NBP size basically always stays the same but my BP size keeps fluctuating, is it because of over masturbation? because right now I find myself masturbating 4-6 times a day, I measured the other day after not fapping 24 hours and it was 6.5 but I measured just now and it's around 6 but I've masturbated around 3-4 times in the last 7 hours so im guessing that's it

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54 minutes ago, Lodz said:

Of course you get bigger harder boners when you haven't been draining it all day. Let me guess... you're also watching a lot of porn?

It's come to the point of addiction, regularly find myself just browsing porn casually, thinking about it and what new kinds of porn I can try since I get bored of normal porn after years of excessive masturbation so I have to keep finding harder and harder stuff


Also have masturbated at least twice a day for the last 5 years, in the past 2 years more like 3-4 times a day, sometimes I go up to 6 a day though, most was like 11, sometimes I just can't stop

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Porn is highly addictive. I've had my bouts with it. For me, it tends to lead to seeking out the real thing, which is even scarier. But porn can numb you and completely warp your view of what sex is and should be. You're seeing huge cocks all the time, so of course when you see your own perfectly normal junk, you feel inadequate. Even if you know on a logical level that those guys are abnormal, your brain has categorized them as normal and yourself as too small. Cut with the porn and you'll be halfway there. ;)

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Boner strength factors in as well I think. Sometimes I have a boner, other times when I'm really turned on, it goes up a level. So yeh, wanking off might make a difference. I'm on medication right now that zonks me out and leaves me sleepy and cloudy but gives me the best flaccid size I could want. I have other medication for ADHD that keeps me focused with a clear head and makes me shrink to nothing. You cant win. 

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