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How do I convince myself I'm fine?

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My NBP is 4.7 and my BP is 6.4, I know my BP size is fine and I just need to lose weight but I can't accept that and convince myself a lot that I just have a small dick, think I'm pathetic, not a man etc all the usual shit but then I think about my BP again and I'm like no I'm fine I'm just fat then I think again how small my NBP is and I'm like no you're small then feel shit again, this is every day and it's getting overwhelming at this point

I'll just be sat here listening to music feeling happy as can be, then the thought of my dick will pop into my head, sometimes I just imagine I've already lost the weight and it makes me feel so fucking happy, then other times I just think of my dick how it is now and it just ruins my mood and I kinda alternate between them rapidly

Does anyone do anything similar or have any advice on how to combat the thoughts or help convince myself my size is fine I just need to lose weight because I honestly don't know whether to say I have a small dick or not at this point and it's a very important thing to me not just for sexual reasons but for feeling better about myself and my masculinity knowing I'm not less than or more undesirable than another man

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You don't, i couldn't keep lieing to myself once i found out what people and girls are really like. I also don't think its healthy to swamp yourself in hobbys / alcohol / drugs to take your mind of it. We need to alpha up lads and stop giving a fuck about what everybody thinks. I think a discord would be perfect for this, today i was asked for ID as always at 22, i also inherited 25,000 and i will not be blowing it on hookers obviously haha. I think guys with little fellas / members will find this shit funny + nobody else would understand. I think its time to accept who we are, living in denial and keeping your mind busy is unhealthy, you have to face your fears like the men we are. I can only hope more of us are been born everyday (we need more troops for this war) and we start to take a stand and build a safe haven on discord. 4 incher here well in the same boat as you guys, really looking for some culture and a family. 

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