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Hey guys, I hope you are al ok.

Right now I am in summer vacations and I’ve been feeling a lot better since I haven’t gone to school and being on that toxic environment. On the next school year we will be assigned to a new group which will be my group for the next 3 years, today I was told who my classmates are going to be and it is not good, they separated me from my best friend and on my group there are all the girls who used to be my friends and hate me. I am scared I am not going to have anyone on the next year and I don’t want to fall again, I really don’t. I told my parents I wanted to change schools and they said no. Today my anxiety is back and I am feeling really down. It’s like life wants me to suffer or something. I don’t know if I will be able to take it. I really don’t feel like going back to that school, it really makes my mental state worse. 

I hope you had a great week :)

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Hi Renni!

I'm sorry you're feeling anxious and sad today. Does deep breathing help? Exercise?

My daughter expresses similar sentiments about school. It can be quite a stressful environment for her. Is there an adult you trust at your school who you can share your concerns with? A speaks with a teacher and a counselor and she finds it helpful. It can be challenging to navigate social interactions and may be especially so during adolescence. It wasn't easy for me either. 

Are your parents supportive? One thing I try to do for A is to maintain contact with her teachers and counselors and work together with them to help guide her with some of these difficulties. Would your parents be receptive, do you think? Have you shared any of this with them?

Is it possible you might see your friend during lunch or recess? Maybe too you might make new friends this year?

I hope you enjoy your summer vacation, Renni! Take care. I hope you feel better.

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