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Sorry to hear that. Must have been an awful truth to find out about.

You should keep lifting weights since it provides some masculinity. I have played soccer for many years.

combined with lifting weights outside the soccer field nobody dared to make any comments about my penis size.
There once was this new guy at the club who felt the need to make such comments so I made an example out of him and broke his foot in a tackle during training.

I can still feel my foot go into his and hear/feel the crack....... orgasm :) I still to this day feel no remorse for him.

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On 10/21/2018 at 10:04 AM, Rebel89 said:

Just wondering if there are any other dudes out there who go to the gym to compensate for having a smaller dick. I guess my insecurities started about five years ago when I found out that my (now ex) girlfriend was cheating on me. This dude was sending her pictures of his dick and she was telling him how much bigger it was than mine. It hurt my ego pretty bad. I had never really worried about it up until then... we broke up and I started going to the gym pretty much right after that. I got in really good shape which has boosted my confidence a lot. I do feel like I work out and try to stay fit to compensate for having a smaller penis though. Any guys out there that can relate? 

My ex of 5 years couldnt get enough of this big dildo that gave her orgasms i couldnt. A lot of women will tell u size dont matter...until a respectable slab of meat presents itself 

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