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I'm an anxious mess

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Hi, it's the first time I post here and I'm kinda scared but I got nothing to loose. Just for basic information, I have a social and general anxiety disorder. Yesterday, I was awoken by my phone. My boss was calling me to tell me that I was 45 minutes late. The thing is that I didn't even knew I was working that day. Like it wasn't an error on schedule or anything, I just didn't look well enough (god I'm so stupid). So I tell my boss about the situation and she ask me if I can work anyway and I said that I slept like 2 hours so I couldn't work (I was almost having a panic attack). So I don't remember what she said next but I had a panic attack right after I hung up. Now I feel like I'm the worst human being on the planet. I just wanna die in a hole. I feel like I'm a waste of oxygen. I've calmed down but I'm still really anxious (English is not my first language so don't juge me please).

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Welcome to the community, GeomaHalfcolor. Anxiety can have an effect on so many areas of our lives. 🙁 Anxiety can make it difficult at timea to function in our society. I'm sorry for your distress. I recall one time I got confused about my work schedule. It happens. Maybe if you called your boss, you could cover a different shift to make up for the one you missed?

It sounds like you are being hard on yourself. I hope you won't judge yourself harshly. Are you working with a therapist, Geoma? Take care of you.


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@GeomaHalfcolor it doesn't sound like your boss is mad at you, just was hoping you could work.  That kind of situation as you described would give most people anxiety.  

The thing that helps me combat anxiety to some degree is taking action. When I am doing I feel better about things but when I sit and worry then it gets bad. Breaking things down into parts helps too.  But not as much as being in action.  


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