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Everyone of my supposed "friends" forgot my birthday

william noname

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its a while ago now.. my birthday is 9th of june. 

im in 10th grade right now.. i thought i had friends... 

no one. Absolutly no one apart from my mom and dad remebered my birthday.. no one in my school remebered anything.. My supposed friends didnt seem to remeber it.. 

neither 8th or 9th grade.. ok? maybe they forgot... but they always remeber everyone else.. 

i never say anything ever in school. 

just stare into desk waiting togo home and stare at the roof for 1hour and play games for the rest of the day.. so i guess that could be a possible cause.. 

this person in my class 10a, invited everyone execpt me and one other dude.. 

i havent been invited to a birthday party whole 8th - 10th last time i was in was 7th beacause their mom probably forced them to invite the whole class or something.. even thought countless times ive seen birthday parties being sent in class snapchat group.. 


i dont want to die. i just dont want to wake up anymore.. 

i bet no one in my school would even notice if i didnt show up one day.. 

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Hi William. I can't imagine how tough it is for someone your age today with all the social media. When I was in high school it was still limited to Myspace and crappy, single-page HTML websites. But kids still had ways to make you feel like you were worthless or didn't matter. Apps like snapchat transform ignoring people into a form of bullying. Society is a jungle. You have to bray like a jackass or screech like a monkey to be heard. 

It's not much consolation, but the people you consider friends now are not really your friends. They're just people who are in your life...sometimes directly, sometimes peripherally. In a few years, they will literally disappear and new people will enter your life. Maybe some will be your friends. Most won't. That's just life. I never had "real" friends. I'm not even sure such a thing exists. Human relationships are contractually determined through mutual self-interest. Therefore, if you desire "friendship", you must bring something to the table, so to speak. As a quiet person (and I speak from experience), very few individuals will exert the effort to include you in anything. Especially males. 

I haven't celebrated my birthday in over 15 years. I get a text message or a couple of phone calls from family, but that's it. I haven't had a "cake" birthday since I was younger than you are. You have your entire life ahead of you though. I would highly recommend if you suffer from social anxiety (I do) to ask your parents to take you to a doctor and get some medication for it. Social anxiety can cripple you. If you don't suffer from it, then I would advise you to figure out the things you enjoy doing most, and focus your social life around that. Again - mutual self-interest will provide the basis for friendship, at least in my experience. Many guys your age are into sports. I never was, but that might be an option. 

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