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how do i always somehow manage to end up with an friend who hits me

william noname

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I am a skinny white guy, im in this group of "friends" during break the others go in to gym to play ball sports and stuff, i dont. Ive tried it. Hated it, hard balls hit my face all the time. so instead i sit with these 2 dudes, One is a actually nice guy, but the other one really isnt. The guy whos nice i will be reffering to as guy1 and the othet guy as guy2. 

me and guy1 talking. Guy2 randomly decides to say my name intil i reply, then he calles me a faggot, then stops, everytime i try to say anything after that he just interrupts me with saying my name and WHY ARE YOU TALKING. and then ignores me and goes silent. then guy2 ask what time is ((im the only one wearing a clock)) i say "well im not allowed to talk so i cant tell you" he leans forwards and punches me in the foot, he does this often so ive gotten used to it by now. when i dont reply what the time is he hits me again intil guy1 asks and i tell him, then we leave ((guy2 follows us)) were waiting for teacher to arive, ((everyones there)) guy2 comes over stands by me and says my name intil i reply. I reply and he says "why are you still talking?!" then i turn my head back to the guy besides me ((guy3 is a ok guy)) And the same secound, he says my name til i move my head again, ((just to clarify, i asked him to stop ennoying me on purpose so many times i cant count it)) i tell look back, you can see on my facial expresion im tired of it, and he begins this generic thing saying like "whats your fav color" "whats your fav type of meat" and alot more useless questions.. why is he like this..? 

i tell him to stop, and just then the teacher arrives, ((we goto 10th grade theyr in C im in A so theyr 10C im 10A i never talk to anybody in 10A expect 2 people))

i goto class and is too late. I get back and i leave for this special ed stuff, i have someone gotten into. ((my parents put me in it beacause i am like a 3rd grader at math)) so we leave. guy4 from 10A joins beacause he the same and the school cant afford more than on teacher at that. The hour passes, i got back to normal class its 6th hour its soon time togo home, then i find someone in 10A has loaned my charger ((everyone has the same school laptop i guessing he forgot his charger)) mind you we arent allowed to charge at school. I put it in my school bag, and i dont want people i dont really know just using my stuff, however i ignore it ((what am i supposed todo?)) then when its time to leave some random girl points at my lunchbag and asks "is that yours idk how it got there) then she slowly rushes out, someone removed it from my school bag and put it there so that i would hopefully, f~~~ myself over and leave it there and get shouted at by dad at home... i think they know they can do all this to me beacause i never strike back, i never take revenge or anything... am i too nice and dont tell teachers or parents beacause i dont want to get them in truble causing me more violence?

What am i doing wrong

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Hi, William,

What you've been experiencing is definitely bullying :( . Telling your mom and at least one teacher you trust would be a good idea (let's hope they won't do anything that could make it worse - at leats teachers should know how to react and resolve the problem). But you can also educate yourself about strategies that may help you. You can google "how to stop being bullied at school" for instance, but you can start here, by reading these:






Also, if you're comfortable watching videos in English, you can find many videos about this topic on YouTube:


Good luck!!

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