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Hey guys, 

I am 33 and I am desperate. I have been living with sps for all my life. Worst is: I am a really vivid, charasmatic guy, I can talk easy to women, u can say I have womaizer qualities, am funny, and not bad looking with a latin charm, which makes it even worse, because it seems people have certain expectations I don't match. I had so many chances with beautiful and wonderful girls but I always retreat after a certain stage. Some get frustrated because I don't have sexual intercourse with them. I tried it two times, but I was drunk, not really attracted to the girl, maybe it was also or just my low self-esteem (I act like it is high, am a good actor) but it is not of course, especially when it comes to sex. It is really frustrating. I am now in a relationahip kinda thing, wiith a 19 yr old girl, for two weeks, we kissed, I fingered her, liked her, she loved it, but I noticed by her behaviour and by what she says that she is starting to become frustrated and doesn't understand why I don't fuck her, she is aksing questions about how my dick looks like etc. Not in any belittling way. But she told me that she likes average, it's the wideness that is important and that her ex had a really big dick, which she didn't like cause it hurted her. Well my dick is 12cm and also pretty thin and knowing her ex had a big dick makes me even more nervous, even though she didn't like it. But I am not average. I am small. On the other hand I do not want to retreat again, I want to risk it this time, but it is hard. What I fear more than my dicksize is actually it not becoming hard, due to the stress I generally have with work, studies, financial stuff.. and of course because of the anxiety /frustration/fear and nervousness because of my insecurity regarding my dick. I don't know what to do. Should I end ths relationship and concentrate on my psychological wellbeeing first? I think I should have done it long before, but I didn't : going to a therapy. But I also know that in the end there's no way around risking it. Someday. Maybe not today/this time? It could go right and my problems diminish. It could also go really fuckin wrong and I fear what impact it would have on me. I am happy for any advice and ideas or stories regarding our problem. Greetings y'all from Germany! 

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so people have small dicks not so far from here too. The big question in a situation like this is.

Do you share social circles? 

if not what does it matter? you have nothing to lose. also her liking average is maybe her way of saying she is ok with small/lower average  I.e 12 cm


los geht's !!!

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I think you and I are the same size. I’m 4 3/4 inches long which is about 12 cm, correct?

I believe I am entitled to enjoy my sexuality.  And, I’ve learned that women can have a great time in bed with someone my size.  I’ve had three long term sexual relationships with women.  I actually like and enjoy women.  Pay attention to the woman you are with.  It’s an encounter between two people so touch, kiss, lick, use hands, lips, etc.  

The penis is part of it too.  Vary speeds, depth, angles, etc.  Pay attention to her while you are also enjoying yourself.   The experience is awesome.

Small penis men deserve sexual fun.  I believe that and you should too.

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