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I went skiing this weekend and had problems because I have a small penis.  I had a hard time peeing without peeing on my snow pants.  

I was wearing underwear, a wool baselayer, and my ski pants.  When I’d try to go the bathroom, I’d have to move clothes around to even find my penis.  That was difficult enough.  Then, when I pulled it out, it barely reached out the ski pant, causing the problems.  


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If I sit down on the toilet to piss and it’s cold so that my nuts are retracted, I have to physically push my dick down toward the bowl to keep from pissing all over the seat and onto the floor. Like a fucking child. 

Next door to me they are remodeling a vacant house. I watched three different workers take a piss behind the garage the other day and realized none of them will ever spend one second dealing with this bullshit. No matter what turn their health takes or what drama unfolds in their life, they will never know this kind of continual humiliation and insecurity as a man. 

Even the phrase “whip your dick out” is a joke to me. I have nothing to whip out, it just pokes. These young guys looked like they were reeling out a fucking fire hose the way they were moving and reaching. It used to make me punch walls and destroy things. Now I’m just ready to check the fuck out. 

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