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I will not feel sad anymore soon


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I’m currently living in pain and confusion. I wanted guidance and answers, but am now need to come in trust and patience. 

I’m going to be alright. I know I will. New things do come and I will have to adapt it. I will. 

True love will come. I’ve never known that and only a perverted way of love, where I was abused, raped and molested daily. 

Yes of course it will. I just have to calm down and believe. There’s nothing I could do now, as I even have done all that I can to seek direction. 

I don’t want to be confused anymore. Very soon I will be known as I’m known. 

I still haven’t told all that I’ve remembered to anyone yet. The traumatic memories of my ritual abuse needs a lot of trust and safety. 

I didn’t know who I am, but now I know. There’s no way I’ve done what I’ve done against my abusers during the survival. It can never be initiated by me, but my other parts also, for such accuracy in both timing and plan. 

I didn’t planned it. I’m glad I’m safe now and have survived. I’m alive and I’m glad. 

I want a world without pain, sorrows and hopelessness. I want a world without death altogether, that not one would suffer. 

I believe.

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hey dear, you are a survivor, a strong woman with iron muscles! You have come this far with great effort and resilience. You have the energy and willpower to face the toughest things in your life. Now you will get a best result of all your efforts and patience. God will ease you with comforts and peace in life, as He doesn't burden a soul more than a person's strength. Sometimes, you need support of some healing therapy, it can comfort your soul. So, you might find this reading helpful in this regard:https://mangoclinic.com/digital-art-helps-in-healing-minds-advice-from-top-20-experts/

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