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This Is Why Some People Are Afraid to Begin Therapy

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You’re “just paranoid” until you aren’t. This also blows the idea out of the water that you shouldn’t be afraid of being “outed” vis a vi mental health services. And Finland is generally included in the Euro-socialist model countries, where in theory prejudice shouldn’t exist meaning that blackmail wouldn’t be profitable. And what’s the first thing victims are begging for...not to share on social media.


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@geronimo don’t misunderstand, I’m not discouraging anyone from therapy, just sharing a story that is relevant to me. Where I’m from, there is stigma associated with mental health services, regardless of what the actual disease is. It’s also sharply divided along gender lines. Having said that - and I know this from being told by someone who is in a position to know - many more people in my area are taking anti-depressants, anti-anxiety than would admit it, including large numbers of men. However, the culture being such as it is, getting one to admit it is much the same as the sps issue. Getting therapy or having mental health problems is perceived as effeminate at best or psychotically unpredictable at worst. I was just surprised that this story came out of Finland.

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Kling, the area you live in sounds unenlightened - but sometimes I wonder whether attitudes have changed much in other areas too - depression and anxiety gets talked about more I suppose, but instances of more serious mental illness are still poorly understood imo. 

Maybe discussion of the more common conditions will eventually lead to better understanding of all sorts of things.

I can see how awful it would be to have any sort of health record revealed though, whatever it is.


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