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When studying Tissue Engineering, we noticed that cell multiplication occurs when a tissue is exposed to a Continuous and Progressive Mechanical Traction, including this is used in several areas of medicine, such as in Plastic Surgery for the treatment of burns, in Orthopedics, in surgery of bone distinction with the support of orthopedic extensors in order to obtain a gain in height in people of short stature ... In Dentistry, the technique is applied with dental devices to correct teeth.


Stretching derived from primitive traction techniques can also be seen on the lips, earlobes and necks of representatives of different tribal ethnicities such as India, where they use rings to stretch their necks. So, theoretically this should be possible with the penis too, I have read some research where they say that penis extenders promote some increase in the length of the penis, but not in its thickness; however, these are uncontrolled studies, that is, no comparison was made with other methods or with groups of men who did not perform any intervention.


One of the main studies was that of urologist Paolo Gontero, from the University of Turin, stuff in Italy, published in the British urology magazine “BJU International”. Eligible patients were instructed on how to use the penile extender for at least 4 hours / day for 6 months. After 6 months the average length gain was significant, meeting the effect size objectives of 2.3 and 1.7 cm for the flaccid and elongated penis, respectively. No significant changes in penis circumference were detected: https://bjui-journals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1464-410X.2008.08083.x


Honestly, to me that life seems to have no more solution, I have nothing to lose, I intend to use a penile extender for 6 years until I finish medical school (which I will enter next year), and then do a bioplasty to try increase the thickness. But I'm not talking about conventional bioplasty, made with hyaluronic acid or fat, but the new bioplasty made with stem cells (Dr. Rey from the USA does that a lot), it seems that this has more benefits and less risk of complications.


What do you guys think? You can give your feedbacks.

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Tremendous efforts for insignificant gains above.  "Centimeters?" 

Eventually, they may figure-out how to do it, though.  Unfortunately, penile tissues are quite complicated.  The mesh of connective tissue is the problem.  Elasticity of said tissues vary a lot from person to person, too.  It is the only solution, however.  We can learn to live with a abnormally small penis, but it is a real handicap.

Their is a lot of fraud out there and injuries, too!  Be careful!  

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