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Tiny Micro Penis in Manitoba seeking others or admirers


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Hi everyone

I'm new here

mid/late 40's, 6'3", beefy solid guy but have tiny genitalia and am still a virgin

barely 4" hard, thin, uncut with tiny balls

Have always been ashamed of my lack of size... I'm technically still a virgin as I. know I'm too small and thin to penetrate

Weirdly enough I have always had fantasies about SPH .. had a few guys I met online wank off with me and tease and humiliate me.... was so great until after I came and then I felt so embarrassed and ashamed

Looking to meet other local guys in the same boat ... would love to chat with other tiny dudes

I think only guys with tiny dicks can really understand what a mind fuck this is

I think about it all the time and it really gets me down at times

needless to say, I also can't speak to anyone about it... it's just so humiliating and defeating

would love to hear from others in the same boat .... meet up and have some little dick fun together :)

Took this photo for fun...as you can see, barely anything there

* photo removed *

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This site is intended for people to support each other with their psychological problems.  For the purposes of this discussion, hooking up does not count as support.

I get that the physical state of having a small penis can cause psychological problems.  Those problems are real regardless of philosophical arguments about whether they're necessary.  I tend to feel that the sexual fetish of enjoying humiliation for having a small penis, on the other hand, does not fall into this category of problem: those who have it don't see it as a problem, and a small penis is actually an advantage if one has this fetish.

Rather than support for a problem, there's a tendency to seek out partners with whom to enjoy a pleasure.  There are sites for that, but this isn't one of them.

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I’m not sure I completely agree with Malign on this one.  There are so many different ways that a person with a small penis can manifest there “problems”, including SPH.  

The most important aspect of small penis syndrome and it’s attendant problems is that those of us with small penises tend to define our identities around the size of our penises.  Yet, as full human beings with so many other physical and personality qualities, we, as a factual matter, have so much more to us that just penis size.  It’s that difference between perception and reality that needs to be bridged for many of us.  I may actually be a better sexual partner because of my penis size because I am very conscious of my partner when having sex.  I’ve read enough about female sexual satisfaction to know that women can orgasm for many different reasons, not just penis size.   And, if you are confident, you can use different types of sex toys when your partner wants more size.  Life should be enjoyed.

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