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Is it pocd? Help


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So i am 16f and I am really scared right know. I think I have ocd. I made some mistakes when I was a child and teenager. I was never attraction to my own pierce. never had crush on childeren. I think I had intrusive through when i was 11 year old.when I was 13/14 I thought i was attractive to a teenager. Then I avoided every child or teenager on social media.i still had some triggers but never had crush or want to do smothing.

Ok so in May I was at shop with my mom I was horny.there was a child.i looked it and had sexual thought about the child. And I panickt.i just forgot the thought.in end July I remembered the thought. Now 2 months panicking. In August there was 5 days that I was okay and I played. With some family friend who are like 11 and 6 and I was okay.but then I remembered the mistakes I made and here go. Now if I look at a child, I  have intrusive through,false attraction,false arousal.false memories,intrusive feeling,intrusive urge and my heart beat super fast.+groinal response.

Please help me.

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Hi, Gabi, welcome! :) 

I'm sorry I don't have enough time to write more, but I hope this will be helpful enough:

- I'm sure this explanation also fits the kinds of thoughts you (and so many other people!!!) describe:


- Here is one of the websites about this kind of OCD:


If rationally realising that you are not a pedophile doesn't help, then seeking help for OCD would be a good idea.

I wish you good luck and am looking forward to your reply.

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