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I recently saw my very first MicroPenis and to be honest it left me feeling sad, angry, sexually frustrated and resentful. I'm 51yo in a cpl of months and have never ever seen one before & when I saw it I immediately blamed god haha  Since the sighting haha I decided to research the shit out of it by asking google god, joining online forums and even checking out pornhub. I'm still not convinced that "Size doesnt matter" because men have outers and women have inners and they are supposed to fit together like a hand and glove. If a penis is small/micro it cant go into the entertainment area and play in the fun zone. All it can do is sit outside and only dream about the entertainment area. On pornhub all you see is a whole lot of rubbing going on which seems rather pointless. Alot of people online claim that there are other ways to have fun but how? Any suggestions would be great.

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