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Coming up on my 10 year anniversary at the Mental Support Community this year. Has it really been that long? Seems like a lifetime ago, in a way. 

Had some laughs. Shed some tears. Conversed with other entities who may or may not have been living beings. Mental health destroyed. But with age the fires of youthful rage have tempered my fatalism to a cold, hard inevitability. I take comfort from the fact I’m a decade closer to death. 

So it seems fitting this year marks another portentous augury:


Strange that the John Hagees and Apocalypse merchants with whom I grew up have scarcely mentioned this when they can manage to find satanic influences on bus tickets and pizza parlors.  

What spot does this great X mark I wonder?  The soon-to-be ruins of a long lost Empire? The birthplace of “what rough beast” as it slouches toward Bethlehem? Or the treasure of a new, magical zeitgeist? Personally, I am inclined to the first possibility. Blame it on my congenital pessimism.

However, it seems we are indeed nearing an endgame I have forecasted for many years, only to receive constant ridicule:



Rather hard to maintain territorial integrity when half your military is fighting the other half and half your citizenry hates the other half. Oh, but the nukes. That’s right. Gets even spicier when one half of that military enters into an alliance with foreign nuclear powers to safeguard itself from its own nukes. The crowning jewel would be if the country nuked itself. I was right about everything. Vox clamantis. I only missed Covid.

“the great big dick beast will hate the feminist whore…and shall burn her with fire.”

In any case, I have made a compact with myself to enter into exile from the Mental Support Community beginning April 8, 2024. This will be the final day of my traffic here 🎉 🥳 I know that fills many of you with immense joy. My gift to you in these interesting times. 

I shall sit alone in my small penis loser shit shack and watch the world burn with a nice meal and a good book. Perhaps we will see a monster rise from the ashes, but surely it will be entertaining and colorful because that’s all that really matters in life, right?

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10 years? You are forum furniture 😁 I have been visiting here 8 years! Lots of ups and downs during that time.

I don't know about war within the US, but military advisers here warn about the world situation looking volatile.

Probably a reminder to enjoy the moment as it's precious, no matter what depression says!

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On 2/8/2024 at 11:49 AM, geronimo said:

10 years? You are forum furniture 😁

And dry rotting. That reminded me of this haha:


On 2/8/2024 at 11:49 AM, geronimo said:

Probably a reminder to enjoy the moment as it's precious, no matter what depression says!

True, inasmuch as one is able to do so. Likely the best advice anyone can give in any case. We are living through a paradigm shift. The fever has begun and a new resting state won’t be achieved without a paroxysm. 

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