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A broken heart!


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After a week of hearing my cat breath with some funny peculiar noises, I took him to the vet. They gave him an Anti-biotic injection and suggested that he could have a sore throat or something stuck there like prey that he has caught? I had to give him his Anti-biotics in a liquid form over the weekend which I sorely paid for in the means of being scratched half to death, and was told to take him back on the Monday, which I did.

The Vet recommended that I take him back the next morning so... that he could sedate him to look down his throat. He explained that they would x-ray him first to see if there was anything stuck then, they would get the camera down to look for this foreign object.

So... off I went the next morning and took Tigger my cat in. After signing an anesthetic form to enable them to sedate him to carry out this procedure, I said goodbye to Tigger my cat and reassured him that I will be picking him up later in the day. I said to the vet that as long as when I go back for him he is alive, then I wouldn't worry!

I received a phone call later that day about 1.30pm from the vet. He explained to me that they had in fact found out what is obstructing his airways and that it was not good news. He informed me that they had found a Tumor growing in his stomach that had reached his airways and that is why he was experiencing trouble breathing. He said that it goes to far down into his stomach for them to remove as it is attached on to other things that they cannot remove. In other words... He was dying and was incurable!

This hit me like a ton of bricks! I just broke down in tears and am still in tears as I type this post. He is like a member of the family and is 9yrs old.

I just had to vent all this off my chest! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Thank you smallstar & findingmyway, if only you knew how much that meant to me?

He is at home with me at the moment! The vet has given him a Steroid injection to try and take some of the swelling down in his throat from investigating yesterday?

At the moment, he is doing fine. You wouldn't think anything is wrong with him apart from his breathing? He is still eating but not as much. The vet said it is not distressing him and when he finally has problems eating and breathing, then... that will be the time, which I am dreading!

I didn't want them to put him to sleep yesterday as I want to say my goodbye's to him in my own way and when he's ready!

My Therapist grew very concerned about my own health and mental state of mind and phoned my doctor who, I had to pay a visit yesterday because of the state I was in! He has increased my dosage on all my medication & I've got to go and see him again on Tuesday I think? I see my shrink next Friday anyway!

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I just saw your thread here :rolleyes: I am a huge animal lover myself, and feel your pain. I am very sorry your going through this with your cat Tigger. It always breaks my heart so much . You are doing the right thing for him , keeping him comfortable at home with you, and the vet giving him the meds to help him as much as possible.

Pets give us the uncondtional love that people can't. I have a Yorkie that is my baby . ANd have owned cats before too. They are so special and dear to our hearts.

Hang in there , know that your tigger loves you for taking such good care of him. My thoughts and Prayers are with you.


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Hi Paula,

I'm so sorry to hear about what you have had to cope with over the last couple of days! I am an animal lover myself,My youngest son is allergic to cats and dogs so i am limited to what pets i can have now"

I have a tortoise but herbie is one cool tortoise!!! I love him as much as the kids do.

When i lost my little tortoise,peanut last year, i was devastated. She was only 1 1/2 and they are meant to live to about 100 yrs old, I never got to say good bye or find out why she passed.

I'm so happy you have this time to spend with Tigger and they have managed to make him comfortable! I bet your spoiling him!

Sending my thoughts and Hugs your way,


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He is at home with me now but... Things are not looking to good! There is a cat flap fitted to the front of my shed and he just spends a lot of time in there sleeping. When I first got him coming up to four years, well... He was a stray, I gave him a drink of water and he just stayed with me! Sorry if I'm talking in rambles but... my head is so mashed up trying just to spoil him in his last day's!

Where was I... Yes I made the shed like his second home! He has all his cushions in there 4x to be exact. His cat toys, drinking bowl with water etc. He is sat on my knee as I type, with me in tears as usual! I don't want to have him put to sleep! I suppose I'm clutching to straws! I keep hoping that he's going to get better! I don't know... I just keep talking to him, telling him I love him & don't want him to leave me?

He is not doing good with his eating now! He is licking up squirt cream that I put down for him and sliced Ham but... not touching his food! His breathing still sounds the same!

I don't know whether I mentioned this or not, previously but... My doc has increased my meds and seems pretty concerned for my health, but... I'm not bothered about myself, I'm just bothered over trying to get my Tigger better!

He has to go back to the vets next week. I don't know whether I mentioned that previously either! Oh... I don't know what I'm doing or saying... My mind is just in a whirl at the moment! Will keep you all informed!

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I'm what you call plodding on! That's all I can do isn't it?

My cat is still the same, just eating bits but... He's still eating! Everytime he gets on my knee for a cuddle, I just look at him and break down! I talk to him explaing that I wish I could do something to help him... But I can't!

I pray to the good Lord, to look after him! He looks at me and I swear he understands what I am saying?

Yesterday, I gave him some Tuna and he just sniffed it and started to walk away. I know he's hungry! But... I led him back to his food and started crying, begging him to try and eat some, just to keep his strength up and you know what, he actually looked up at me and tried eating! He licked the oil of the Tuna but... That was all!

I will keep you posted on he's progress!

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Hey Paula

I'm very sorry about your Tigger too.

I had to put one of my mom's little cockatiels down earlier this year because she had a tumor as well. The vet did a similar thing for her with steriods and that helped for a time. It gave my mom and me time to ready ourselves for when I had to have the bird pit down.

Love Tigger all you can while you've got him and know he'll be in better place in the future.

Hang in there!

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Hi Paula, death, is a cycle of life. The only thing that just hurts is that, we used to be with that person and death is a permanent thing that will separate us from them and we know that we cannot see them anymore. Dying is normal as breathing but we don't know when it will strike us. To others, it comes early as from an unborn child to being too old. Anything has an expiration.....even us.

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Hi All

Well... my Tigger is still with me! He is doing just fine of the Steroids, but for how long...?

I have to take him to the Vets on a weekly basis for this steroid injection but... at least it is keeping this horrible Tumor at bay!

Sorry I've not been on lately but... my head and heart is elsewhere!

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