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Does anyone else have this problem?


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That's what most people do. ;-)

Whenever I get the "logged off" message, the first thing I do is select all the text I wrote and do an Edit/Copy on it. That's usually enough to keep it safe until you get logged in and you can Edit/Paste it back in. Or, for extra security, you can paste it into another editor like Word, then.

I still sometimes lose one. I figure that means the Universe wanted me to think again. ;-)

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there is a session timeout but if you open who's online in a seperate window while your away from your pc or doing your post it will keep refreshing, and to be on the safe side just copy your post before you submit it and if necassary go back to that thread from the who's online window..sounds fussy but it's actually quicker than having to log back in :(

i used to run a vbulletin site which is how i know and soon worked that one out lol the session length can be extended but for various reasons admin dont always like to do that.

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