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Hi Heather,

I'd like to point out a couple thing that I have noticed . This is not ment to hurt you in any way , shape or form. Just something , I have picked up.

I have read all of your threads. I think that you express yourself well when you write. That is a very good quality to have. And ought to help you by just venting and getting things out .

With that said, I'd like to express what I have observed. When people respond to your posts, you seem not to want the support . Your responses are typically , I'm ok, I'm fine . Just after you had written about something serious . Your not letting anyone help you :( , maybe it's because u don't want others to worry, however we do worry and are very concerned about your health and saftey.

But, then you back off, and leave us hanging. It's confusing. Many of us were in a panic , for your safety, I wanted to despartely help you. But, when you keep telling us your ok, and we know your not. Then were at a loss.

What is it that you would like for us to do in here? To support you and help you ? How can we do that? When I feel that you do not want the help, after the things you have expressed what is happening to you?

Can you let us help you ? not keep writing that things are ok, after posting that they are not?

Heather, many things that you are going through I can really understand .Because I have done these same things to myself, experienced an eating disorder that nearly killed me. I still have issues too, however can relate to you very well. Others on here want to help and support you too.

Will u let us do that?



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you have nothing to be sorry for, having said that, we are all worried about you. You need to take the advice that everybody here has given you.

Please you need to see a doctor, you need to see the police. We will all be here to support you through it. But at the moment hun i personaly feel like were just going round in circles.

The only way to help you is for you to get the help you deserve from the hospital and law inforcement.

None of us here can do that for you, as much as we wish we could, its got to come from you.

Please do the right thing now heather, do the right thing for you

take care


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im sorry:(

im just scared

i guess:(

i dunno what the hells wrong with me:(

A lot of people are scared and confused . It is not a matter of what the hell is wrong with you, it is a matter of letting others help you when you need it . You push people away after telling us your scared. can you allow others to help you and give you support?

Have you heard of the story of the little boy who cried wolf?


We want to help you, but can't. your going to have to eventually seek the professional assistance that you deserve .

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Thankyou, let us know hoe things go when you are able,

i know i am probably comeing across as a nagging moma now and i realise i may be pushing my luck....... Just a little

but......theres always a but right !!!!

There is that matter concerning your health heather, i dont buy for one second that you cant see a doctor until april (yep ive read your other comment, i wouldnt be much of a friend if i didnt). You need to make an appointment with your doctor a.s.a.p.

If you cant get one then, go to a&e or is it e.r. You guys call it.

They will see you right away. Please do this heather.

Everybody here cares for you, and wants only for you to be safe and well.

Please take care heather

your friend


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Hello Heather,

it is up to you to decide what you want to do with your life. Your the only person to do that. Your more than welcomed to post her on this fourm and share your struggles and pain. just remember you are the one that will need to take action in your life .

It is all up to you, the direction you want to turn and how your going to live. Nobody can do that for you . We are here to give you support , advice , and feedback. Then it is all up to you.

WHen it is suggested that you would benift from professional help, or when it is a concern for your safety you tend to pull back , and say everything is ok, just after you have posted serious issues. My point is , YOU are in charge of yourself . If you are not going to choose to take action, protect youreself when in danger, recieve the professional help that you need, then it feels relentless trying to help you.

CAn you understand that ? Many people know what you are going through, and want to help offer you support and feedback. We know that you are young, and need a place to turn .

We are here for each other and in hopes try to make a difference in people's lives. Many of us have the same struggles and experiences, some of us are parents , we come from all walks of life. AND understand one anther just by going through simalar experiences. Some of us are old, some middle aged, and some of us are younger.

Heather, if you want the help and support, then you need to embrace it, start doing more for yourself . Life can be incredible, wonderful, amazing, and so much more.

Life is a struggle to find this balance, and happiness we all want for ourselves.

If you want the support, and advice, it is time to do your part. Time to take care of your needs in the real world . Internet is great, but it is the real world we live in.

It is not going to become any easier for you without the outside support you need and deserve. Again it is up to you . Embrace life, and change only comes from within, + a lot of professional help in the real world!

I really wish the best for you. I want you find happiness, and not hurt . You are so close to my sons age, and my niece's age. If you were my family member I would be insisting that you be getting your needs met , and making sure that happens.

Do you have parents that care about u? Grandparents? Somebody has to know the amount of pain and sadness you have in your heart . If you can't do this for yourself, then you need to ask an adult family member to help you get the services you need. At 17yrs old, legally their is someone caring for you, whose the adult in your life ? Talk to that person, so he/she can get you hooked up with services .



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