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Guest FourAnchors

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Guest FourAnchors

It seems that if I write anything more than a few lines, I end up being automatically logged out. Also, I would like to post pictures so long as that's ok, but, the tool bar seems to be disabled and I have a hard time posting knowing it all comes through as one long paragraph. I will try later.

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You get logged out because of a time limit.

One suggestion is to write your post into Notepad or some other editor first, and then log in and paste your writing into a post.

I'm not sure I understand why you can't break paragraphs ...

For me, it just requires carriage returns (Enter-key presses). Which web browser do you use, could that be the problem?

I think we do have image content limited in open forum posts (image links work in blogs, I know for sure). You can just imagine what kind of pictures spammers want to post in here.

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It might be your internet service ? Like Malign suggested you may just be on a time limit . As for me , I don't have that issue , my internet is always on, it's a high speed connection.

We don't allow pictures anymore in the fourm. their was an incident last year when someone posted a lot of porn on every thread, so it was cut out , not more img's

However, in blogs, u can still post them, they are little pict , but it works. Hopefully no spamming will take advantage of that!

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Guest FourAnchors

Thanks to both of you.

Yes, I do hit the enter buttton.

As I type it looks perfectly fine.

But when it post, there is no separation.

anyway, I did try to add an image in my

post in the general discussion, it comes through

to me as a link, am not sure if it shows at all to others.

I am guessing it is my pc and settings though causing the problem.

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You can set IMG tags not to open the image unless you click on them.

That's a security feature that I use myself.

I think I did see the link in one of your other posts.

You probably know that HTML tends to strip white-space. I'm not sure why your setup seems over-eager.

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Guest FourAnchors

LOL..Well if my pc is now here

trying to prove me wrong, it has done a good

job as I noticed my last two post now have

spacing inbetween, as where I "placed" them.

I did do the IMG code with the link in my other post.

That seem to work fine. I am much better with HTML code!

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