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dont feel well


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hi, thankyou goose for helping me, when you posted about calling someone sympathetic and friendly i decided i had to call someone so i called my ex b/f,and he came to get me, im really sorry about all that, i was panicking and did some stupid things - im not doing very well and dardnt be alone right now.

ive had to come home tonight but am going back to stay with him tomorrow because we dont think it's safe for me to be alone atm.

again thankyou, i really appreciate your kindness and help.

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Hi Donna

I'm glad someone is taking care of you at the moment. It is good that you are aware that being on your own is not good for you.

I'm sorry you are not well and hope you recover soon.

No need for thanks, you may be able to do the same for me in the future, thats what we are all here for.

Keep well


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