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I'm so anxious about starting my night course tonight. There will be the social side of it :eek:. Meeting strangers :eek: meeting people I already know :eek: - don't know which is worse. "Towards a new me" thats what I'm working on, though it would be so much easier to hibernate and feel safe at home.

I chose to do sign-language for beginers - trying to choose the least intimidating class. It will help in my job. I like learning new skills.

I'm anxious about visiting my Dad tomorrow ???? What's that all about ?.

A lot of the time I can't source the thought that generates the anxiety.


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Sourcing the thought that generates the anxiety won't help you avoid it. You have to face the problem and not run away from it. Social anxiety can be cured, there are many ways to do that. If you'd like, you can start with some breathing exercises to get you to a calmer state at first. Here's how to do that, hope it helps:

(link removed - please contact 'Mark" for permission to post links, thank you.)

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hi goose,

first of all, my heart started to dance as I read about all the things you are doing for the "new you" I think you will love sign language. I took it in college and use it with a couple of clients who are deaf. They were some of the funnest classes I took!!

frmeital brings up a good point... What are your coping methods when you feel the anxiety coming up? do you have any thought stoppers in pace? Any replacement thoughts that you can use?

Again....I am so excited for you that you are doing this!!

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