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Nope, a lot of folks here use it... but no one here refers to other members as "old fuckers!" It would be like me referring to you as an "A___hole" because you're young. I can't imagine anyone here saying this to you. Our goal is to help others and receive help, but never to insult or be destructive.

Better to ask if there are other teenagers here, which there are, and leave the insults for another time and place.

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Hi oak

Welcome to the community, It is my understanding that you are a new member here.

Whilst we welcome everybodies comments and points of view, I guess that there is a time and possibly a place for every thing.

Swearing as you are probably aware can be offensive , yes. Every one does it at some time or other.

As for enquireing about, if there are teenagers that have joined this community.

Well there are people here from all different age groups.

Age has nothing to do with anything. We are just trying to help support each other through rough times. As i am sure members here have already tried to help you.

I am old, probably, im 35. but do you know what, that at the end of the day is just a number ~ who cares ?

Maybe you could try and be a tad more mindful of other peoples feelings infuture.

With respect

take care


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