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laughing problems away


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ok, well, erm.......

Is it helpful to laugh at yourself and the fears and problems you face, no matter how frightening or even if its serious and not really something that should be joked about ?

Im just curious really coz, well thats all I seem to be doing at myself these days, I am not really sure if its possitve, probably more ironic and a tad sarcastic, it helps see me through the day. but is this just a different way that I have come to use, to hide my true feelings from myself and others ?

Or is this me recovering, and getting better ?

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yeah taking things and bringing them in, in a humorous light is always a good thing, its like my saying i like to say 'whatever helps' /you get by' ....that could be takin several ways but i only see the good in that quote and the good ways...and i think you will only see the good in that because you take things lightly in life and in a humorous way because life is to short to be serious all the time and down ect....lol i hope you understand what im sayin im trying to think but i cant think of the best way to explain it...if you gain something good from it good if not **** it! kno what i mean...im stupid lol.

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I like to laugh too :) I find I know when I'm getting better when I get my sense of humour back... which is happening lately I'm happy to say... I think it has to do with feeling lighter, less weighed down by depression, and I get sort of giddy....

Like you JessicaJane, it makes me uncomfortable and I wonder if I'm overdoing it. For me I think it's because I never spend enough time without depression so that I don't even know what it is to feel just normal, balanced most of the time - is that even possible :confused: This last depression has lasted so long that I'm not used to being content anymore, it feels strange to me...so then I get all insecure. That's the way I felt today. I'm OK, no depression, but the negative tapes were desperately trying to come out, and I can't let them because I'm working on my self-esteem this year.... :)

I do find though that if I am in a manic episode I can do way too much laughing, like out of line laughing - too loud, too long, too much.... I know when I do that because people look at me really funny :-)

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