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Can feeling it circling again and dont know how to stop it!!


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Hi Pockets,

I can relate to your feelings right now, and im sorry your in such distress.

The feelings when they get strong like this, are overwhelming. I hope that you will be ok. Try anything you can think of to distract yourself. Go out, meet up with some friends, phone someone you trust that you are comfortable talking to. Talk on here.

I dont know the right words to say, but i do care

We are listening, we will all help in any way that we can.

please take care


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Hi Joeanne,

Gosh how I understand what you are going through. The triggers can be so intense at times that they are so hard to fight off. But, we have to be strong, and find other ways of coping, and distracting ourselves . That is the only ways I know how to avoid Self harm, or delay it. I am so arorry you are struggling this badly.

Try to stay strong, Ok?

Keep writing how you feel here, and we will support you.


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