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honesty is always the best with a Psych.DR?

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I talked to the therapist about what has been happening in public places to me.... How the loud noises have been intensifing, and how everything starts spinning around , how the sounds triple in my ears , the rush into me, that i feel I can;t even breath, that I froze in the store, and thankfuly my brother had been with me, and he took over the paper work , however the other time I had to call my family and my niece came down to the medical clinic to sit with my son , I went to my car and sufferend a painc attack, it was brutal, I culd not catch my breath .... Told the therapsit how it happened twice in one week, how i am not able to drive anymore, which sucks.

How I am now in my home , having to keep my place dimly lit, and very quiet all the time in order to function. Well he mentioned I was leaning towards argraphphobia, :( It actually is something I've written in here before, it has just become worse , and presented itself more on the outside now >

The therapist had me wait , he talked to the psych Dr. about me , for a min. and than I went in, an unscheduled appointment. It was by far the most uncomfortable appointment by far. I have seen this Psych Dr. for years , it was not him, it was the subject matter.

the Dr. increased the Lexapro Dose , and and a highly personal question that I absolutely did not ever want to admit, or talk about. He casually asks me do you hear voices or see things? I am not going to tell him.... than he says you do not have to tell me what you see or hear but I need to know , so I had to answer. Long story short , I have been hearing very bad things ... horrible , ugly words. He asks is it coming from me or somewhere else, I said I don't know, and this is the truth.

Now he gives me more medication . fucking wonderful. I looked it up, an antipsychotic. That's what I fucking get for being truthful. Pissess me off .

Pissess me off cause I do not want to take meds like that. already on too many meds already. I tell the truth , and then get placed on more meds. it sucks.

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Hey Cathy,

Yep, I guess, its always better to tell the p/doc everything. (not that I always do though) Its the only way thay can truely know how you feel and know what you are experiencing.

Ive learnt that the hard way, They dont always help, and some p/docs relie on prescribing meds overly so, IMO, I think some times they just give out meds, in hope you dont mention it again, coz they aint got a flipping clue. Either that or cause they are short on time, and want to be seen as doing something, before they rush off somewhere else.

Dont get me wrong, I have met a few really nice and helpful p/docs over the years. But sadly there is always the odd one or two, that have really made it obvious, and yep, that P****d me off , big time.

Yep meds SUCK, but sometimes there a nessessity, until things calm down enough and gradually over time can be reduced

Hope you feel better real soon

Take care hun,


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This Pdoc he is a very good one. I've seen lots of them. And i know he is one of the good ones. Just mad that I have to be on more meds , and now start on antipsychotic med for telling him something that I rather of not had gone there, only had done in therapy , which probably may had brought up the question today, because they work together >

the therapist I talk to did go in and talked to the Pdoc before I had , I understand in he had to ask, however it does not make it any easier to accept to know that hose kind of meds were perscribed, not the first time though. Just makes me feel more lousy whenever the Pdoc increases the meds dosagage or adds a med , especially something of this nature.

The Pdoc did order a lab test , so he is good, and does moniter his patients closely, does not leave us hanging. And starts at a low dose. probalay will not even see a difference, but still makes me mad. I just do not want to be a medicated all the time with stuff. But, than again , do not always want to be always in a bad way either. It is a no win situation. Which sucks big time.

Have not even begun the increase of meds or new meds at all, and worked up about it already. Tommorow, I have to go out, the worst thing for me to have to do is to go out. At least will be taking me. Because he knows me well enough and knows about how I can't handle stuff . We live in a very small town and have to drive out at least 45 miles out to go anywhere.

That is way too much for me. Especially for what is now going on , I feel I am so pathetic. It is not good to be this way. their is way too much going on personally . Why even be here anymore? It is all messed up . Sersiouly. just a thought, only.

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