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Peak Oil


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Guest GingerSnap

I have been waiting for this crash for awhile now and seen it coming for a few years now. I won't go into what I believe since it is God based. The economy began a downward spiral in the 70's at least that early. I believe all this corruption and selfishness has led the world to this point. I believe that this has a direct correlation to all of the mental health issues. It used to be that people had jobs and families they were proud of. Now, everything is different. When I got out of high school in 1972, there were all kinds of possibilities with almost any sort of college promising a good job and stable financial possibilities. Now, kids getting out of school are just at a loss of where their lives will go. Makes me glad I'm old! We poisoned our water, air and food supply and all of the sudden the physical, mental and emotional issues began to surface. So, I'm anti-technology and thinking of moving to a cave in order to have "peace". I'm anti-government too, anti just about darn near everything except "God", of course.

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Hi Ms. Oak,

I've been reading about the Peak Oil theory now for about 5-6 years, and it's conclusions are fascinating, especially when you look at global impact. But then there have been the swarm of Peak Oil theory myth-busters and debunkers. Not being a petro-engineer or petro-economist makes deciphering the huge reams of work on this, an impossibility.

It would seem this topic doesn't belong on a mental health forum... but my thinking is that they are inter-related. One quick look at oil prices and oil production, and the job market, food and commodities prices and how families have reacted to this, has produced a new set of mental and social issues (not just geo-political). I now see much more depression, domestic violence, child and elderly abuse, and other conditions as a result of economics... and our economic life (finances and expenditures) is closely tied to oil.


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