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Where is the "BATTLE" ?


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I can't beleive I'm even writing today because I didn't think it was even worth it.I won't tell my story because it would be just repeating what I've read all ready, and I did read each of your post.I want to say that pumps,pills,streachers or anything is just a temp. fix and not a "OUR PROBLEM" fix while all of us suffer from having a smaller than average penis I'm sure that our real problem lies mucher deeper.... since we can't really do much about our size I have asked what can I do? The only other thing I can do is try to reprogram my 35 years of feeling I'm so small that I'm not good enough to please a women.Or is pleaseing a woman really our problem? In my case I just wanted to be as big as the guy was that began my thoughts that if I was that big then I'd have no problem.Over the years I have been tormented just like everyone else with this problem.I've ask my self why millions of times and there is no answer because I was made this way.I'm sorry that I have dragged my wife into my problem but am Blessed she loves me enough to try to help.However the only battle we have to fight is in our "MIND" I'm not saying I have any answers because if I did I'd be rich and solving all our problems,but,somehow we have to try because we we do nothing we just get worse.More anger,hopelessness,depressedand if I were better at spelling I'd write a bunch of bigger words ,but I'm not trying to impress anyone just trying to help and trying to find my way also.I know God has put a woman on this hellish earth for each one of us weather you believe it or not,and it is not up to me to make anyone believe.Beliefe is a personal choice.However I can tell you God has helped in my sad state I've lived in for 35 yrs or so.Has he fixed my mind "NO".Can he "YES".I take one day at a time and I don't suffer each and every day oy my life.When it is bad it is really bad,and when it is good I'm very thankful."One day with bad thoughts is like being a christmas"it is a gift.I want you to know I don't take what I'm writing lightly,we have a serious problem,and it is much more mental than in our pants.We do have small penises ant he world never lets us foeget it.Wars go on for life times but battles only last a short time.Fight your battles,never give up and use any means that you can.My prayer is for a better day tommorrow than I've had yesterday.and I hope you all will work harder with the "Battle in the Mind" than the battle in our "Pants" good luck all and God Bless You.

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Hi Mr Small

Im Jj, Welcome to the comminity,

Sorry that this is the impression that you have gotten from the site, usually we are all really friendly and we do help and support each other.

I dont usually visit this part of the forum, well dont comment anyway. I hope that you can stay with us, we will listen and help support what you are going through if we can.

Please take care


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