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Anybody here tried it? I've been doing it for a couple of months. In that time I've gained half an inch in length and a little thicker.

I think it does work. Here's the thing, why do so many medical professionals say it doesn't? Is it because their worried men my injure themselves? Or is it because they'd rather someone to pay out a small fortune for surgery?

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I have also read the horror stories. There does seem to be people who do say they benefit though. However, I think it requires alot of commitment and care.

The only true penis excercise that seems to be acknowledged by the experts as beneficial, without incurring harmfull side effects seems to be "Kegel's".

I have been "kegeling" for 10 years now, they are the size of oranges. I can cut through urinals like a laser beam!......Yah, I'm back:D

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Yeah, from what I've read on Jelqing, it can make the limp dick bigger in appearance but does not affect erect size. From my understanding, the veins and capillaries and the spongiform is what makes the dick bigger or smaller.

It does effect erect size. Either that or my tape measures shrunk.

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It does effect erect size. Either that or my tape measures shrunk.

It may work for some, but in the three separate times that I tried it, it did nothing for me. These were rather extensive periods of time that I was on the program, the longest being about thirteen months.

It's a sad commentary, but in most cases, a man with a penis which is less than average size, will find a way to blame this shortcoming for any and all failures in his interaction with others.

My wife and I recently celebrated our fiftieth marriage anniversary and we still enjoy an excellent sex life. Of course, nothing is perfect, but the only issue I have ever had was the feeling that I would like to have it more often than what has become once per week.

I do know that just as men come in various sizes, the same may be said for women. I still find my lovely wife capable of putting more than enough pressure on my meager 4.5x4.5 inch penis. I say this in spite of her having provided our family with three children.

One more thing. Our last child was born male and he, too expressed concerns while in his early years of puberty. I have seen him naked and can assure you that he appears to have drawn his genetic material from his father.

At the same time, the line is very long of very attractive ladies who seek his company and I'm fairly certain that the only thing that has prevented him from making a permanent choice for a partner is his line of work which isn't compatible with married life.;)

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