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"TRIGGER" scared im gonna go too far.


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Take several deep breaths JJ. You sound very panicked at the moment, and you need to get through that feeling before taking any actions. When you have managed to calm yourself (or when it wears off), then when you aren't feeling like jumping out of your skin, you can start to problem solve what to do about the situation (which I don't have context enough to understand - sorry!) but which sounds very painful and which is causing you to feel very helpless.


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Jj. Can you ask for a daily update on your daughter? Waiting and wondering is a very difficult situation to be in.

In the day hospital I was in there was a woman who was unable to see her daughter, how she coped with this was by writing to her and making cards for her, in this way she could express her love in a concrete way. She was going to give her daughter the letters and cards when she was going to be eventually re-united with her.

Are you doing art in this new hospital? Would they allow you make a scrapbook for each of your children do you think?

I know your concentration is poor at the moment, but I think you said before that you do enjoy the art.

Take Care


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