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I can't stop eating


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When you say your trapped in your house , is it because you fear going outside? If you can go outside can you goout for walks ? Even short , brief walks are good for you?

Do you have any hobbys? People do eat when they are bored all the time . The thing is that you are going to need to find activities to fill in your time instead of eating.

Drinking water also is very good for you , and will help you feel full. But, don't overdue it. If you want to eat, than eat healthful snacks. Not junkfood all the time. Fruit and vegetables, yogurt , and healthy foods in the home only . Prevent the temptation from even being there in the first place.

My son loves to snack on foods too. Just because we have it around the house. He now is a pretty big boy. I buy stuff to make for his school lunch, but he wants to eat all of it for snacks .

I have to talk to him all the time about this . Keep healthy snacks at home .

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