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i try to find the answers.


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i dont know whats wrong with me. im really depressed, and the other day my ipod reset itself and i got really upset, like small things always get me upset.

i always seem to look on the internet for answers, and when i see things that sound like me i panic. my mother says i might be a hyper-con-dra-act or soemething. im also unemotional to others problems at times..

im sorry, i just need to rant.

also, i know this might sound weird. but i just want someone to come up to me, grab me and hold me and say its okay. and just told my head close to their chest as i cry.

doesnt anyone else feel this?


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Hi Helen. It's Beth. I'm sorry that you have been feeling down.

It is very common to feel the need to be reassured and comforted. I have little doubt that all of us wish for such comfort from time to time. It is helpful to know that others understand and will support us in our struggles. Maybe you also would like your feelings to be heard and expressing them would be cathartic. Is there anyone in your life who can offer you the comfort that you have been craving?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Helen,

You do not sound "wierd" and it seems to me that your mother is not being very helpful or empathetic.

You know what, all of us what to feel hugged and reassured that it will be OK and there is nothing wierd about that.

Gee, is it possible for you to feel hugged and assured by all of us here? Really, IrmaJean was hugging you in her message: thanks IrmaJean :)

Helen, I am sending you a big giant hug and, I hope you can hear me saying, "It's okay, it will be fine. You are Okay."

Allan :)

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Hi Helen :)

Everyone needs a hug and a bit of reassurance from time to time, thats human nature nothing weird about that.

About the depression have you seen a GP about that?

Your mum might not fully understand, people who havnt really suffered from depression often dont.

My mum was exactly the same and thought i was a hypochondriac until she saw me at my lowest stage. perhaps you could try sitting down and really talking to her? ask her to come with you to find some help.

If finding things on the internet upsets and worries you maybe it would be an idea to avoid things like that for the time being? there's so much out there that people can identify with and it can become a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially when you're not sure whats going on with you..it's always better to seek professional help if you can.

Whatever you do i hope it all works out for you,

Take care


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