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I can actually identify with that since our adult son with Down syndrome comes home from the day center and often after supper when we are sitting in the living room, he will start to smile and then laugh, it is so funny and we just crack up too. He is unable to actually relate to us what it is that he is remembering him but we can tell that it must have been a real funny one. I would hesitate to give this a run on public transportation as it could surely go a different way with the paranoia in our society. Fun is not what is used to be.

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Ok official having a dumb moment ;)

I cant load it, is it ok if I sulk ? (coz i think i might anyway) :rolleyes:

mmmm, maybe I will just blame this laptop, till I work out where I went wrong, and then when this little mission of mine is accumplished I shall edit this and replace it with something like "Oh yeah thats well funny" Ok gonna go now, bye :D

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