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Hii Bolt0909,

I was abused from when I was about 8 up till I was nearly 16, when eventually me and sis managed to run away, ~ for good. Im sorry you have experienced abuse, and yes unfortunately it does take its toll.

You know you have NOTHING to feel disgusted or guilty about, it was NOT your fault. The fault, the guilt and disgust lays firmly with the person that decided it was ok to abuse you.

Is there some way that you can get some support and therapy before next year ? Your 17 right ?, well is there a close family member that you can talk to about this, or if your still at school a counceller ?

Intamacy, is what I found hard, especially when I was younger, it scared me and I used to really freak out a lot, but in time and with help, and support from a good p/doc and great therapist (and a understanding b/f, who I later married) things became easier.

Try not to rush into things with your b/f and remember it is ok, to take your time.

We are here and will help anyway that we can

Take care


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