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This issue is to big


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Despite a number of attempts from my Therapist, I still refuse and avoid talking about my relationship with my husband. We have established that this relationship plays a major part in my low mood.

I feel the issue is just too big, and I have so much resentment, I don't know what to do. I'm afraid where this will lead me.


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We're all gonna die! :-)

After that, what's to worry?

Seriously, one of the hardest things I'm still learning is, stuff doesn't go away just because I ignore it. Even though I try reaalllyyy hard. ;-)

So, take a few minutes, jump around like a Demented Bunny first, then make a list. The first part is easily as important as the second.

And I'll try to take my own advice. :-)

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Avoiding and ignoring difficult situations come very natural to me too, Malign.

Jumping about seems like much more fun:)

Seriously though I will select one item on my list and run with that at Therapy on Saturday and see how it goes.

Also planning - sort of - kind of - maybe - to do a 10 week Assertiveness course starting the end of January. :(


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