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My therapist, sent someone over to check

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Today , I would normally have therapy at 10:00 .I talked to my therapist over the phone last week and told him about how things were going, and they were not well.

I am finding out it is going to be a long road to recovery physically. I am very stiff , and my new skin is tight , and it is difficult to get around or move . Also , causes pain, and their are a few spots that are still not healed .

my brother calls me this morning and informs me that my therapist is calling his house asking about me , and how I am . The counselor never called me ? Then my bro tells me that the therapist may send the police over to my place :eek:

I try and call my therapist, their is no answer. About 10min later a knock on the door. He sent anther counselor over to check on me. A bit embarrased , but then it was kind of a good thing that The therapist went out of his way to check on me.

This has never happened before. At least it was not the police either. Just anther professional , and he seemed genuine.

I was able to talk to my therapist over the phone shortly thereafter the surprised visit.

My brother has my car , I can't move around well physically , and the therapist made sure things were ok .

I guess that was ok for him to do. I wish I could talk to him in person, but can't . The therapist cared that much to have somebody come over and check on us.

That says a lot . Makes me feel like the therapist really does care and wants to help. I did try and call him though.

It is just the recovery time from all the surgries has left me facing a dificult time feeling better , and unable to do a lot right now.


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Thank you , I was embarrased that he did send someone over. He called my brother , and my brother calls me leaving a message telling me that my counselor is sending the police to my home to check on me .... Of course I am scared .

But it was not the police , it was someone who works over there. A lot of the new skin graphs that have been done , has made my body very tight and difficult to move, in my arms and shoulders area. It hurts so badly , I still have a few open areas that are healing too. i think I have to go to the DR . and get a referral to a physical therapist . Otherwise I am scared that I could lose mobility .

I talked to my therapist, Steve , over the phone , finally getting a hold of him. I informed him that I do not have my car right now , plus I can't do much yet , moving around type of thing.

He was worried because last week I was ready to kill myself , moreso because of the physical pain and not able to move around, barely making it to the bathroom . I discussed it all with Steve , and was in terrible shape.

This is what prompt his concern , when I did not show up to the appointment . Still embarrased he sent someone out, yet it was comforting to know that he cared enough to do so.

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