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I really don't think there is any way to keep any of what you post private. It's an open board and anyone with internet access can read what you've written. There are PMs, though, if you want to keep a discussion private. And you can always go back and edit something to ........ if you feel you've left yourself open in a way you regret.

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I have been posting on boards like this one for many years and my involvement on them helped me so much with my healing and made me so much stronger.

I always say that it's better to get it on the outside rather than on the inside of you festering away and making you unwell.

If posting on these boards is what it takes so be it. It's your life and your wellbeing that matters most of all.

No one worth their salt would fault you for wanting to heal yourself no matter what method you choose to use so long as it's healthy and constructive.

I would advise you to keep the boards you are involved in private from family and friends, think of it as your personal journal. The same goes for your user name. And, as we all know, it’s not a good idea to give out personal details like real names, addresses or phone numbers.

I wish you well and long may you post on this and other boards.

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I understand your concern but I as long as you don't divulge any confidential personal information I don't think there is any way of anyone identifying you.

This forum is very helpful, I dont know or use any other message boards so I can only speak to my experience here.

I have always assumed this is safe and private as long as I don't identify my personal information.

My profile is pretty vague I thought.... and if someone can actually identify me then......so be it.

I have a pretty boring life and I am sure they would lose interest rather quickly

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