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happy cinco de mayo


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Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Though, I'm not entirely sure it merits such celebration to defeat the French, on Pueblan soil, under Napoleon III. Never heard of Napoleon III? There's a reason.

I think I'll just do cinco de drinko.... much more satisfying. :(;):)

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Cinco de Mayo--- that American holiday that has little to do with Mexico!!!:eek:

All you Merican's :eek: just want a reason to drink Tequila Guzano (Tequila with the worm at the bottom) or cerveza (beer) Dos Equis and hit a piñata filled with Valium from Danni's horse barn. :(:D Just admit it... eeez a scuse to drink cerveza!

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Happy siete de Mayo!

Since I've never had any tequila at all, without or without worms, I obviously haven't had enough! :) (I'll have to decide whether or not it's worth the headache that follows every drink I have on my current meds!)

Nah, I'm actually just showing off the Spanish I quickly got from Google Translate, plus the info I quickly got from Wikipedia. Thusly does an ignoramus who can't speak Spanish and has never heard of cinco de mayo seem as if she knows whereof she speaks! Deny me access to Google and I drop about 20 IQ points...! :D

I'll leave off the eighth.

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You're right... but the Mayan women come in a size 5 to 16, more or less... none in a 5th or 16oz size unless they're newborns or Ann Coulter with all her clothes on and wet hair!

Please don't confuse Mayo (mayonaise) with Mayo (May) with Mayan (hem peoples from down south)... we get corn-fused easily.

But the one good thing about tequila is that it's the one legal immigrant you know comes with papers, even the worm has a green card:eek:-- the rest of us crossed over illegally at some point;).

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