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The new Support Community is now open


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The new Mental Help Net Mental Health Support Community is now open for posting.

It has been a long while since we've run a support community. Our original support community was split off from Mental Help Net in 2002 in the midst of a business crisis. Rather than see it die, we transfered it to Warren Selekman, Ph.D. a psychologist we trusted to give it love. It has done very well for itself, and today is the independent Mental Earth support community which has done a lot of good for a lot of people.

Our decision to presently create a new community comes in response to what has been happening with the comments that readers append to Mental Help Net articles. We've noted for a while that some of our reader's comments are less about the articles and more about trying to make a connection with other people facing similar issues and concerns. A few articles (such as this one concerning Men, Women and Pornography and this one about Alcoholics Anonymous possibly being a cult) have become defacto forums in their own right.

The creation of this new community is intended to make it easier for readers to talk with and support one another. We at Mental Help Net sincerely hope you find benefit in it.

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:)This was my first forum back in 1999. It offered support right at my finger tips and friends I could depend on. I believe support communities play a vital roll for those who suffer from a mental illness. Many really can't talk about their illness to family and friends. Communities like this give you that opportunity, knowing others will understand.

Wishing you great success!

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Wow, this sounds great, I'll check it out!

I know this place is like a lifeline for me... just a few words of support from anyone mean so much! I feel no one understands me in my real life, and I feel so isolated and disapproved of.

I need to do more for people, here... I haven't been on much lately due to work!!

Of course in this economy I'm so grateful to have work, but it has kept me away from the couple of online communities I belong to.

Heartfelt thanks to the admins and pros here for creating and maintaining these communities!

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This site has been so wonderful for me, a door into a social world I had moved away from. In the month or so I have been here my depression has improved considerably and I can feel the difference talking to people who understand has made.

I am very grateful to you all for keeping this site alive and for setting the encouraging tone of the forum. How does one access the new community you mentionned Mark? This is my first experience with forums and I'm still learning about how to use them effectively....


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