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Can someone please answer this quick question?


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Hi guys

Had a really really bad time with my irrational thoughts the past few days. Been constantly crying, had no sleep and totally drained. I had this thought that I would start getting anxious and start thinking horrible things about my parents and naturally I did. Now I keep getting anxious about thinking horrible things when I see people and they are of a sexual nature which is terrifying.

I totally understand that I am having these thoughts because I am anxious. But It is fairly constant all day every day. It is all down to my anxious imagination!

CAn someone please reassure me that I wont think like this when the anxiety has gone? That is what I am truely scared of!

Thank you!

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Hi, Laura,

I can reassure you that you can get rid of these thoughts. I'm not a professional, I can't explain you why you have them, how they are linked to your anxiety and what causes this anxiety. Nobody here could do it based on your posts only. But we could help you to "direct you" a bit, for example towards a therapy. We mentioned it in your 1st thread, but... have you done already something in this regard?

I hope somebody here will help you at least a bit to overcome the worst periods and fears...

I only can write you my opinion: I think you need two things: 1. understand the bases, the reasons why this anxious thinking pattern occures and 2. some good techniques to overcome your anxiety attacs and intrusive thoughts.

To the 1st: What do you think? Have you any idea what in your childhood could make you so anxious?

To the 2nd: Have you already read some articles about anxiety on this website?

Take care!

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Once again Thanks Lala!

I've always been an anxious person. Always. There is nothing in my childhood that would make me think these sordid things, I think I got to a point where I knew my anxious imagination could make me think of horrible things, and was so desperate to not direct it at my family because they have been so helpful, and so I have!

I do sort of remind myself 'Oh yeah, I'm anxious, remember to think these horrible things', and I need to get out of that and just let the thoughts be, and stop trying to fight them!

I have found an incredibly good website anxietynomore.co.uk which explains why we have these negative thoughts - it's all an off shoot of anxiety. It's just that I am constantly scared of thinking them that I am scared they will never go, because I cannot always thinking these horrible things about the people I love the most - I guess the anxiety is doing a good job here and thinking my worst thoughts to get the most reaction from me!

Thanks for your help! I really want to believe they will go with time, I just have a lot of self doubt at the mo! I need my confidence back!!

Thank you! Take care too!

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I was also anxious for many years, but when I compare it to you, it wasn't so bad at all! And even so, my psychiatrist gave me an anxiolytic med (mirtazapine), because "he saw a lot of anxiety in me" (I never realized it before I took the med - the big difference caused by the med "opened my eyes" and I realized that I really had a lot of anxiety in me for all those years...). That's why I recommend you to see a doc. It's not always so easy/fast to find the right med, but... when you finally find it, you can very well appreciate the difference.

Meds don't solve problems, of course, but they give you the chance to "see the world from another point of view", thus you can rationally think out even what was impossible to think of before. It seems to me you'd need it... I'm not a doc, but... perhaps I'm right and you deserve to get help, that's sure, so... you should seek it. Not only on the web.

Take care!


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Hi Lala

These irrational and disturbing thoughts are just a part of anxiety. No medication will cure anyone of anxiety, but it can give people that extra boost to believe they can do it!

I now KNOW that I am suffering from anxiety and that these awful thoughts are a symptom of anxiety - nothing more. They will go with time when I become desensitised to them, but I was concerned that I would never be able to overcome them! But I know I can, I have to stay positive. Every single person has these thoughts, it's human nature, but most don't acknowledge them because they are irrational. But when anxious, you do process these thoughts! And that is why I am way too worried about these thoughts.

I would never go near medication for anxiety. It can only be overcome by training your mind to not be scared by these irrational thoughts - which I am in the process of! I will overcome this, but it is defo the worst experience of my life!!

I wish everyone the best of luck overcoming their anxieties! It is more than possible!

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Hi, Laura; thanks for your good news! ;)

Wouldn't you like to write us more about the way you are overcomimg your anxieties? Are you doing it all alone, do you have a book to help you, or...?

I don't want to push you to writing, but... it seems to me that it would be useful for you as well as for many others here to take down the process you're going through. You could start a new thread about it ;)

And about medication: I think it's more individual; not always the same, as you described it.

For example, I didn't belive my med in the very beginning, I didn't realized I was anxious (I supposed I was depressed and desperate), but... then, when after some days, I felt absolutely differently in some situations, I realized: "Wow! It can be different! It wasn't "normal" what I was feeling in these situations before, all the long years!" I "discovered" that I had "something in my gut that was squeezing me so much all the years and I considered it as a normal part of every human being"... and as far as it's gone, I can see what is "normal", thus what I have to achieve somehow without the need to take meds all my life.

So... for me, the med was the 1st main "signal" that "I really had a bigger problem than it seemed to me"... not an "extra boost". It showed me that "life can be even pleasant"! Not only gave me the belief "it can". And this was a good start for my psychodynamic therapy :)

I wish you good luck!

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