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Guess this is good-bye


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Guest GingerSnap

I have not been in the forum lately very much and am not familiar with your background but did read some of your last blog. I have been in a couple other forums where a family member found out that someone was discussing their issues online and didn't want them doing it anymore and I thought it was so disturbing to take away that one outlet that the person had. I wish they could not take this from you. OK, this is silly but I grew up on "Disney" and I was watching the Country Bears movie with my son a couple days ago and they described family as "The people that love you no matter what." - so, maybe your family is here on the computer, right here in front of you. It was also cute that the little bear was adopted by a human family and had a human brother and when he realized that he was different, he was told that when you are different, you were created for a higher purpose. I know silly but I did want to write and say something because I could see how distressed you were. I just think the value of having someone to talk outside the "loop" about the issues is just a necessity. Whatever you decide to do, I hope that things start going better for you but, I would not let them take my "family" away - those people that love you no matter what. My best, Cathy

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I'm afraid it is - I don't feel safe anymore, anywhere. Almost all of the people closest to me have either abandoned me or turned their backs on me. I don't belong anywhere. My strength is gone; my hope is gone.

I'll post my final entry tonight in my blog.

Jetliner, this has happened to me too... PLEASE don't go!! I don't feel safe anywhere either, but I need people like you in my life, even if it's only virtually. I have no RL friends or family who'll own me.

I haven't read your blog, but will try to find it.

You are in your early 40s like me, right? We are just beginning to touch mortality. We are seeing death coming now, for the first time. I'm told the forties are full of such feelings... paranoia, etc. Please be careful not to take them TOO seriously, it's all part of Growing Up (nobody ever finishes that, I've come to feel).

Anyway... I can't imagine this place without you... I hope you'll reconsider, and I send you Light.


PS Listen to me... telling people not to go when I myself haven't been around so much lately!! ^^:;

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IF they don't care enough for you, why should you listen to them, I say keep doing this, not saying to rub it in their faces, but just refuse. Come in here secretly. IF this forum is helping you express your feelings screw them, tell them you have your own life and you don't have to listen to them.

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