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Triggers: How to avoid them, how to handle them.


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Ok Luna I guess you read my suggestion :)

Thank You :o

And thank you for banning enigma, if you did not, we could not have a thread like this and hope that it would stay caring, supportive and safe and non controversial with justifiable reasons for some threatening opinions...

And although he is probably reading along as a "guest" it is SO comforting knowing he cannot reply. So thank you for some comfort and safety for some members...


All I can say is that I feel like an exposed wire where everything is triggering me right now and I feel like I have no protective shell.

So mindfullness would be the best solution, stay in the present, stay in the moment, the past is the past but why does it hurt and cripple so much as if it was happening now....

Does anyone else feel the same???

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